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There are a few good reasons for building a portable generator enclosure.

  • Noise Reduction: Portable generators are noisy things and a sound dampening enclosure can go a long way to reducing the noise. This is great if you want to stay on good terms with your friends, neighbors, family or anybody within earshot of the generator.
  • Theft Reduction: Unfortunately, generator theft isn’t as uncommon as people may think. An enclosure won’t make it impossible for thieves to steal your generator, however, an enclosure with a padlock can help deter would-be thieves away from an easier target.
  • Weather: A portable generator enclosure can help protect the generator from harsh weather conditions.

The following materials (or similar alternatives) can be used to build the generator enclosure.

You can get most of the items from Amazon or Home Depot, I've put links directly to the items needed below.

For the Generator Enclosure

For the Ventilation

For the Exhaust System

For the High Temp Cut-Off

The semi-rigid duct linked to above isn't very well reviewed. If anybody finds a better alternative, please leave a comment to let others know.

Just FYI, these videos are not my own and I do not take credit for them! I just really liked the design of the enclosure, and thought that it'd be better to put everything together in one post along with links directly to the materials. You can find out more info regarding this design, or ask questions on the original authors YouTube channel here.

Finished Enclosure – See Items used here


Exhaust System – See Items used here


High-Temp Shut Off Mechanism – See Items used here


If you found the videos useful, or if they've given you a few good ideas on how to build your own portable generator enclosure. Please give the original author your thanks.


  1. Very, very useful…thaks very much!!

  2. I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  3. Great! Thank you for sharing! Really informative and entertaining! I have did some research and have similar setup plus natural gas conversion – if you already have natural gas coming to your house, converting generator to run on natural gas is definitely something for you to take a look at and consider.


  4. Very helpful thanks

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